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    Thetan Rivals: The major patch notes Jul 2023

    Thetan Rivals: The major patch notes Jul 2023

    We are excited to announce the latest update for the Soft Launch 3 version before the next major release (Soft Launch 4) next month, which brings you a lot of improvements in UI, UX, Art, and technical aspects. In this update, you will enjoy:
    • A sleek and modern UI design that enhances your user experience and makes navigation easier.
    • A smoother and faster UX that improves performance and Sfx.
    • A stunning Art improvement that showcases our creativity and attention to detail.
    • A robust and reliable technical framework that fixes bugs and ensures stability.
    • New updates: Achievement, Notification, Ads features, Game Modes, Maps
    We hope you love this update as much as we do. Thank you for your continued support and feedback. 

    Patch notes:

    • Daily Quest Update
    • Onboarding & Tutorial content update
    • Improve VFX / Outline screen/animation
    • Notification updates
    • UI fixes
    • Sfx improves
    • Maps' art has significant improvements & polish
    • UX changes
    • User camera & Auto camera
    • Optimize Game Control
    • Improve Game feel & interactive
    • Optimize game modes (Sunday Park, Big Wheel, WaterFall Climb, Spin Around, Gear Box, Obstacle Racing, Zigzag Climb, Roll Along!, Maze Falls Light, Big Cannon, Scoring Area, Hot Potato, Laser Dance,...)
    • Features Update

    The Soft Launch 4, with huge contents & improvements, is coming next month.