• December 27

    New Season Pass: Frozen Fest

    New Season Pass: Frozen Fest

    In this new Season, there are lots of new contents waiting for you to explore such as new Thenions of The Winter Guardians Team including:

    Albus - The Spirit of Winter and Miki - Yuki Princess are the 2 Mythical Thenions of this Season.

    We are also have 4 team Rare Thenions members are: Nicki - Granpa Winter, Robin - No game no life, Aaron - Skiing Dude and Beatrix - Skiing bae.

    Last but not least, 4 last Normal members of the team are these little cuties: Merry - Christmas Elfa, Sophie - Marshmallow Cutie, Bubble - Christmas Elfie, and Frosty - Snow Buddy.

    Aside from introducing the winter Guardians team, Thetan Rivals World has also brought in numerous distinctive vehicles, flycrafts and backling exclusively for this winter season.

    Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in Thetan Rivals now! https://thetanrivals.page.link/download

    Release Notes:

    Thetan Rivals:

    • New contents

    • Updated Town's features

    • Fixed bugs

    • Optimized Game