• November 14

    Thrilling News: New Game Modes Unveiled & Thetan Creator Update!

    Thrilling News: New Game Modes Unveiled & Thetan Creator Update!

    This November, let’s gear up for extreme excitement in Thetan Rivals with the introduction of two brand-new game modes: Bungee Buddies and Climb Up Mode.

    In Bungee Buddies, the game will let you engage in a thrilling experience as you will be connected with a random player by an elastic string. Cooperation is key as you and your partner must move in sync to progress. Moreover, the players in this mode can also hit/attack/charge the others with a funny-looking weapon, knocking them out of the race. But keep in mind that the weapon needs recharged after each hit, so use it wisely. Get ready, as only three pairs can emerge victorious!

    Meanwhile, Climb Up Mode presents a solo challenge. The map of this mode is built with obstacles from other maps, creating an elevated path. The player needs to keep going up without falling. Simple? We think not! This mode will surely give you an adrenaline rush.

    And last but not least, we're thrilled to introduce the latest version of Thetan Creator. Now you can show your care and love to your friends' creations by making comments or sharing them. The creations that receive the most likes will be featured on the leaderboard, selected by the entire player community. Plus, there's a wealth of intriguing content waiting for you to explore!

    Download now and run your party in the world of Thetan Rivals & let your imagination run wild with Thetan Creator!

    Thetan Rivals: https://thetanrivals.page.link/download

    Thetan Creator: https://thetanugcapp.page.link/naxz

    Release Notes:

    Thetan Rivals:

    • Player Profile
    • Design Contest
    • Event Game Modes
    • Updated Town's features
    • Fixed bugs
    • Optimized Game

    Thetan Creator:

    New Feed features:

    • Comment section added
    • 5 new poses supported with 2D view
    • Leaderboard added
    • Share feature added

    Other updates:

    • Improved UI/UX
    • Updated content