• June 12 • ANNIE

    Into the whimsical world with friends: Fairy Tales season's coming up

    Into the whimsical world with friends: Fairy Tales season's coming up

    Enter a world of fantasy and enchantment with Thetan Rivals, the ultimate game for fellow Thenions. This new update comes with 6 marvelous maps and the most-awaited features. That’s it? Nah, a new Season Pass: Fairy Tales is coming next month with countless skins, and cosmetics: from the dark and twisted to the sweet and charming. Do you dream of being an evil queen or a brave nutcracker?  The choice is yours!

    New Thenion skins and whimsical cosmetics

    New Thenions dressed in magical costumes from fairy tales are available and ready to be yours! Join forces with knights and princesses, or embrace your wicked side. Let’s roam free and ace the race in your best suits!

    Get ready for a fairy tale adventure with Thetan Rivals! Live your favorite characters, from heroes to villains, and race to the finish line. Whether you want to be noble or naughty, you’ll find the perfect skins and cosmetics for you. Don’t miss this magical opportunity!

    New maps - new challenges to conquer

    6 brand-new maps are ready to knock you off the racing track. Let’s take a look at the maps:

    • Roll Along!
    • Sunday Park
    • Spin Around
    • Zigzag Climb
    • Gear Box
    • Baggage Claim

    Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Tiktok to get a glimpse of each map, and how to ace them. Speaking of new maps, who can confidently say that these 7 maps are just a piece of cake?


    ♬ original sound - Thetan Rivals

    PARTY is officially here, Thenions!

    Nothing like a friendly competition to spice things up! Team up with your buddies and face exciting races as allies (or enemies). Grab your device and show them who’s boss. Are you feeling lucky? Make a bet and see who will come out on top!

    Don’t wait! Enjoy the season while it lasts! NOW!