• April 14 • Annie

    New Gameplays Mean New Challenges For All Thenions

    New Gameplays Mean New Challenges For All Thenions

    From skiing on the snowy landscape to wandering in the seesaw park, the new challenges call for the most resilient players

    Thetan Rivals has gone into space with Space Adventure and is shooting for the moon. Now the question is whether all Thenions are ready as the journey is about to get tougher, and of course with a lot more to enjoy along the way.

    Space Adventure is the latest update in Thetan Rivals, introducing new maps and modes that will kick the gameplay up a notch to satisfy the thirst for new challenges of Thenions, who can get a glimpse of the new gameplay below. So if one is not hesitant, jump in the game and experience the best time of a Thenion.

    Don't wait! The spacecraft is already launching: https://thetanrivals.page.link/sl2_download_article