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    What is Thetan Creator and how can it benefit you?

    What is Thetan Creator and how can it benefit you?

    What is Thetan Creator?

    With Thetan Creator, you can turn your creativity, imagination, and talent into products you can use, share or sell in the Thetan World ecosystem. Thetan Creator is a UGC engine supporting games like Thetan Rivals, Thetan Arena, and more upcoming. You can also join the open entertainment platform of Thetan World, where users, creators, partners, and studios collaborate to create unique content. The best part is that you own your content, not Wolffun or the project. Thetan Creator gives you the freedom and the opportunity to express yourself and earn from your creations.

    Thetan Creator empowers you to create and use your own content in any Thetan World game. You have full ownership, enjoyment and profit from your creations.

    How can Thetan Creator benefit you?

    • You are a Gamer. We love you and understand you always want to create a character matching your personality. Thetan Creator makes it easy for you to do this. Premium skins in the Season Pass or Store or items from other users' Marketplaces are also an option.
    • You are a Creator. There's nothing more fun than creating content and showing it off in your videos. It has your characteristics, and other gamers easily recognize you in battle.
    • You are an Artist.  We admire you for your boundless creativity. You can create many classy collections according to your design style and generate revenue from them.
    • You are a Guild. Show your class, and affirm the position of the Guild through skins that are easily recognized and admired by the community.
    • You are a Brand. You can reach and promote brand products to millions of target customers. Think new collections with hoodies, glittery jewelry sets on skins, or brand messages conveyed on billboards in the in-game environment and lobby.

    Whether you are a gamer, a creator, an artist, a guild, or a brand, Thetan Creator has something for you. You can create a character that reflects your personality and style and use it in various games in the Thetan World ecosystem. You can also showcase your creations in your videos and impress other gamers. You can profit from your products by selling them to other users or brands. You can also collaborate with other users, creators, partners, and studios to create fantastic content for the Thetan World platform. Thetan Creator lets you express yourself, have fun and earn from your creativity.

    The UGC tool is a proven way to generate revenue in the gaming industry, and it opens up new possibilities for the Web3 Gaming industry. The UGC economy also enriches the project's ecosystem and fosters user collaboration.

    (*) At first, Thetan Creator helps users make their own Thenion skins and use them in the exciting races of Thetan Rivals. Later, users can create more content and enjoy more effects in the ecosystem.