• January 11 • Annie

    New Onsen Road map is coming to Thetan Rivals

    New Onsen Road map is coming to Thetan Rivals

    One of the highlights of this early launch is a whole new map for Thenions to roam free and have fun together - an obstacle racing map - Onsen Road. 

    The obstacle race is one of the signature game modes of Thetan Rivals. Along with the early launch, a new map inspired by Onsen with a few silly animals will be introduced to Thenions in the selected countries.

    Onsen and pet - at first people will think there is no link between these two topics. However, the fusion of these topics will surely bring you a fresh change in gameplay. The new map - Onsen Road, will put you in awe with its peak cuteness, but with a tiny twist.

    Onsen Road is still decorated with vibrant colors - another signature of Thetan Rivals. However, players will be amazed by obstacles such as columns in the shape of cute pets, pet beds as trampolines.

    You will find your pals and yourself dodging, jumping, and running from the little pets you adore so much in real life. But that’s not all! You will get a chance to race underwater with crocodiles. Quite a bumpy and steamy race with “cute” little pets, right?

    Get ready to emerge with this new map! Join Thetan Rivals NOW!