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    [Exclusive] Behind the making of Thetan Rivals

    [Exclusive] Behind the making of Thetan Rivals

    Nearly one month into the Early Launch 2 in the following markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, and Germany, Thetan Rivals has grown so much inside out - in both cuteness and challenges. So, what is the story behind Thetan Rivals? How was the initial idea conceived? How was it all put together? Let’s join us on this exclusive journey to find out!

    Aiming for The Best Casual Multiplayer Mobile Game

    At the beginning stage of development, we - Wolffun Game had to face countless challenges and tons of new knowledge to adapt. However, it was quite an interesting journey for us to grow as one of the leading game studios in the region.

    “The real challenge is to come up with fresh and new ideas, and know how to transform those ideas into reality. Sometimes, the best ideas come from the most trivial things - like a chicken crossing by can also inspire you so much.” Huy Luong, a game designer shared the difficulties he encountered in the early stages of making Thetan Rivals.

    Believe it or not, Thetan Rivals is a well-considered project of Wolffun Game. There is no exciting or miracle coincidence in the making of it. Following Thetan Arena, Thetan Rivals is the next crucial milestone of the Thetan World ecosystem.

    Innovative and Unique - creating the difference

    Right from the beginning process of making Thetan Rivals, we aimed to make it unique and innovative. And, how did we define “unique and innovative”? By amplifying the aesthetic, the fun, and the in-game challenges.

    In terms of aesthetics, it is not an overstatement to say that we polish every inch of Thetan Rivals with the cutest designs and pleasing colors.

    “Thetan Rivals’ characters are designed according to cartoon style - everything is cute and pleasing to the eyes. Players can freely express their personalities through various costumes, namely crocodiles, pirates, etc. Our art team put a profound effort into the environmental design to make the different maps align with the art style.” Dai Nguyen from Art team, excitingly shared.

    Besides cute but impactful art style, the gameplay is also a promising point of Thetan Rivals. Eric Khanh Nguyen, CEO of Wolffun Game stated about Thetan Rivals gameplay: “The gameplay of Thetan Rivals is closer to Wolffun Game vision, which is Fulfil Joy and Connect People. We develop and amplify a gameplay experience that everybody can join and enjoy. Everyone can play, and even make their own version of the game when our UGC - User Generated Content, is ready.”

    At first glance, many will think this is a simple and straightforward game. However, everything is not what it seems! Each match requires extreme attention to detail in both technical and appearance.

    Mr.Hoang So, CTO & Head of Product stated “Though Thetan Rivals is a fun game that is suitable for all ages, the technical requirements behind it are not that simple. While Thetan Arena has only 8 players in a battle, Thetan Rivals has 32 players and 3 consecutive matches. All the different maps and modes are linked together, making the technical optimization quite challenging.”

    Thetan Rivals possesses a large collection of character (we call them Thenion) skins, and cosmetics, not to mention the variety of game maps and modes. The workload and creativity behind it are crazily huge. However, there is nothing that can slow down more than 80 determined people working non-stop for more than 6 months.

    The most imperative project before Thetan World's official launch

    No exaggeration to say Thetan Rivals is the most important project of Wolffun Game as well as Thetan World this year. We are planning to launch Thetan Rivals globally this year, with the aim to attract 100 million players worldwide and become the funniest casual multiplayer mobile game.

    Thetan Rivals will change the way players enjoy mobile games for good with its new economic system as well as its socializing and customizable system. Rest assured, Thetan Rivals is coming your way!

    Let’s the fun roam free, Thenions!