• January 11 • Annie

    Don’t miss out on the new game mode - Scoring Area

    Don’t miss out on the new game mode - Scoring Area

    They always say “No pain no gain”. It is quite true with Thetan Rivals' New Game Mode - Scoring Area, which is coming in the Early Launch.

    Obstacle racing is sure to bring tons of fun and excitement to gamers. Let’s take the game up a notch by adding a fresh challenge to it!

    Introducing a whole new game mode - Scoring Area. In this game mode, besides having to dodge the obstacles coming your way, you have to run as fast as you can to reach the light coming from the spaceship. Standing as long as you can under the light to burn your Thenions.

    The harder you burn, the closer you are to getting qualified. Ironically, isn’t it?

    Who are you going to be while playing this match? The one who follows the game rule - trying hard to dodge obstacles and chase the spaceship. The one who chases other players and causes chaos. Or the one who collects as many boosters as possible to block anyone else.

    Don’t hesitate to try this new mode out. Early Launch is coming your way! JOIN WITH OTHER THENIONS NOW!