• April 04

    Are You Ready For The New Season: Space Adventure?

    Are You Ready For The New Season: Space Adventure?

    This is not an out-of-season April’s Fool joke! Thetan Rivals is back with a new season, and it is not an exaggeration to say that Thenions should prepare for a brand new experience that is awaiting them ahead.

    Space Adventure will be rolled out today.

    For the first time in Thetan Rivals, Thenions will be able to understand the feeling of getting lost in a maze while finding their way of escaping, in addition to finding out what it is like to run down the snowy (literally) path. Yet those are just the tip of the iceberg, as Space Adventure will come with plenty of new modes and maps, listed as follow:

    • New modes
      • Unsteady Pallet
      • Mysterious Path
    • New maps
      • Seesaw Park
      • Big Wheel Road
      • Waterfall Run
      • Ski Run
      • Greenfield

    The new maps shall take Thenions on a new path of the adventure in Thetan Rivals. If those are not tempting enough, then hold your horses for there is a lot more the new season. Space Adventure is bringing you tons of new cosmetics to make the gaming experience in Thetan Rivals more well-rounded. These cosmetics can be unlocked using the Season Pass, making your Thenions appear as if they are invited to a fashion show.

    And that's not all! Thenions are now able to invite more friends to join them in the challenges in the game. So do not hesitate to tag your friends, family or even your loved ones along to join Space Adventure, the new journey that is welcoming everybody.

    Some other great news is that Thetan Rivals is now available in Germany and Indonesia on Android, iOS, and Windows. More Thenions means the merrier the realm of Thetan Rivals will get.

    Still wondering what is waiting for you? Take a look below.