• January 14 • Terry

    Aiming for 'The Best Casual Game 2023', Thetan Rivals introduces a new Map, new Game Mode, and new Skins

    Aiming for 'The Best Casual Game 2023', Thetan Rivals introduces a new Map, new Game Mode, and new Skins

    • The Early Launch comes with the first Season Pass and many new content
    • Countless new and unique skins to show off your taste

    Fresh and diverse challenges

    A new map and game mode will be introduced in the first stage of the Early Launch. The brand new obstacle racing map is decorated with a pet theme: pet columns and pet beds as trampolines, and even a race with crocodiles. Along with the new map is a whole fresh game mode to level up your excitement - Scoring Area. In this game mode, you have to burn your Thenions in order to get qualified. 

    All these newly added content are sure to entice both existing and new players of Thetan Rivals.

    Show off your uniqueness with multiple new skins

    Thetan Rivals team works as hard as we can to deliver hundreds of new Thenion skins and cosmetics for players to choose and express their personalities and tastes freely. The skins are inspired by Thetan Arena's mighty heroes but are in miniature and cute versions.

    First Season Pass - Opening World

    One of the highlights of this Early Launch is the introduction of the first Season Pass of Thetan Rivals - Opening World. The Season Pass marks an essential milestone of the game. With this Season Pass, all players get chances to claim their favorite items by collecting experience points. You can easily earn these points by doing daily quests.

    A new shop and new economic system

    The in-game shop got a new interface. You can get free items each day just by visiting the shop and claiming it. The item is changed randomly daily.

    The new economic system has been updated. There are five currencies: R-Buck, Gold, Season Point, Enhancer, and EXP. Each different currency will allow you to get a different item. Box system is divided into two categories: Free and Premium.

    “In Open Beta, we gladly welcome more than 100K players to come to Thetan Rivals. Now, with the goal of creating a friendly playground for gamers, we are launching the game early in selective markets. Our team put in great effort and worked closely to deliver the Early launch as we really hope to bring as much new and exciting content to players as possible. This is an important milestone for Thetan Rivals itself, as well as Thetan Arena and the following projects of Thetan World.” said Mr. Eric Khanh Nguyen - CEO of Wolffun Game.

    Thetan Rivals is a product in the Thetan World ecosystem - along with Thetan Arena. Thetan Rivals is still in the development stage, which means there will be more features and content coming up in the official global launch of the game this year. Alongside Thetan Rivals, Thetan Arena is continuing to release more updates to renew and refresh gaming communities worldwide. 

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