• April 14 • Annie

    Beyond a new season pass, Thetan Rivals is ready to go globally

    Beyond a new season pass, Thetan Rivals is ready to go globally

    It’s so thrilling to announce a new update for Thetan Rivals - new Rivals pass, new maps and modes, new cosmetics, new Thenions, and new special events. Let’s take a quick look at what this new patch offers.

    Rivals Pass that launches you out of space

    If season 0 is to open Thetan Rivals world to Thenions, this season is all about aiming high and flying high as spacecraft launching into the galaxy.

    From Bathos wearing a cute and funky spacesuit to Dino Robot used as a vehicle. From spaceman Steelshot to a colorful rocket ready to launch. It will literally emerge you into a world of twinkling galaxy.

    New maps and modes - new adventures await

    7 new maps and modes might not sound like a lot. However, the time and effort required to master these maps and modes are no small number.

    Feel like having a blast with the snow, why don’t you try the new Ski Run map?

    Why comes to the park when you have a whole seesaw map to challenge yourself?

    More surprises await - Play Thetan Rivals now

    With this new update, Thetan Rivals is ready to launch globally - allowing players worldwide to step into a world filled with colors and challenges. 

    New season, new cosmetics, new events, etc. are waiting for you to explore. Don't hesitate, the portal is now opened: https://thetanrivals.page.link/sl2_download_article